Brad Pitt on Bill Maher (videos)

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I had wanted to post the video clips of Brad Pitt's interview on Bill Maher's show sooner but it was hard to find any that weren't being removed almost immediately! So far these two seem to be sticking around, so let's hope they don't get pulled down.

The first clip:

Brad comes out to thunderous applause after Bill shows the trailer for Inglourious Basterds, which is no surprise is it? I like that Bill talks briefly to Brad about the movie, but then moves straight on to his work with Make It Right. He made a very strong point of making it clear that while the hurricane itself was “an act of God” (with both of them joking around about that as well), the resulting disaster was man-made, that the hurricane should not have had that kind of effect on the city. He said that if the levies had been taken care of properly it wouldn't have been so devastating and there's a responsibilty to help fix that – hence to make it right.

I also enjoyed hearing Brad explaining what architecture is in his words.

Second segment of Brad's appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” below the cut!

The second clip:

I had a good laugh when Bill said that Brad uses his celebrity to help raise awareness for important issues and asked, “isn't that why you're on the show?” and Brad laughed and replied, “I'm not sure WHY I'm on this show!” He then joked that he loves the show and it's one of his favorites but you either have to be brave or stupid to come on it.

Bill brought up the comment Brad made on the Today Show interview about “no religion” and Brad briefly explained it in context for anyone who had missed it, re-iterating the “no religion, legalization and taxation of pot, pro-gay marriage” platform, then added it was also known as the “Bill Maher going straight to hell” platform.

However, Bill did ask Brad to clarify his “no religion” stance. I'm hesitant to even bring it up because discussing religion is just really precarious and it can turn ugly very quickly, but I was impressed that Brad didn't back down and explained his issues with religion. He started off by saying that he was brought up with religion but that it was something that just never made much sense to him. He added that he never wanted to step on anyone's toes for whatever their own beliefs were though, but he explained that once he became aware of defining lines where certain religious groups refuse to allow others to live the way they choose (such as gay marriage) he had more trouble with it. He said (after joking that he was addressing the three Christians who actually watch Bill's show), “You have to check what country you're living in because the freedom that allows you to practice your religion is the same freedom you're stepping on, so it's not right.”

I'm sure that's going to get drummed up for a good long time!

Then Bill went on to discuss pot, saying Brad's performance in True Romance was in the top two stoner performances ever, then said although he's a great actor, it seemed to come “from home”. Brad acknowledged that he's had his day but that nowadays smoking marijuana just turns him into “a donut”. Bill also commented on a time he saw Brad back in the day, and that he used to roll the perfect joint. Brad's response was practically classic: “I'm an artist.” When Bill asked him why he gave that up, Brad explained he's a dad now and needs to be alert.

I also laughed – probably because it's just so much my type of humor and the kind of joke I would make – when Bill told Brad that although he doesn't know him well, he's known him a long time and Brad has always been a very polite person. Brad looked at him and deadpanned, “F–k you man,” much to the amusement of the studio audience.

It's kind of funny to watch this interview because they both sort of have the same almost dry sense of humor so they play well off each other. I know that promoting his films is part of Brad's job, but it's still more enjoyable to see something like this, where there's a good connection between the two, and having some jokes flying back and forth – especially the ones where you stop and ask, “wait, that's a joke, right?”

I hope you enjoy the segments as much as I did!