Watch Brad Pitt Toss Matthew McConaughey A Beer From His Balcony To Entertain The Normals Below

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Brad Pitt New Orleans Matthew McConaughey balcony

There's nothing better than watching two incredibly famous, incredibly attractive, incredibly wealthy celebrities cross paths and have that “Hey, you're a celebrity, I'm a celebrity. Fancy meeting you here” moment. Like this weekend when Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt both ended up in New Orleans right across the way from each other. Matthew was apparently there to film an Amazing Race segment, and Brad was there… to do Brad Pitt things, I guess.

After exchanging famous person pleasantries across the way (I assume it went something like: “How often are you polishing your Oscar?” “Oh at least thrice a day, but I have my butler do it.” “Splendid idea.” “And how is your smokin' hot lady doing?” “Oh, she's absolutely wonderful, and yours?” “Just delightful.” “And your adorable children?” “Still totally adorable.” “That's a relief, I was worried they'd gotten ugly.” “Oh goodness no, God forbid.”), Brad went inside for a moment and returned with a beer in his hand. Time to give these peasants screaming below them a show they'll never forget, I imagine he was thinking.

And then he just threw it across the gap between them for Matthew to catch. Luckily Brad must have pretty good aim and Matthew must have pretty good catching skills (or Spidey senses), because they managed to avoid knocking anyone unconscious with a rogue beer can. They also avoided it falling to the street below and knocking anyone down there unconscious. If you're worried you would have to rely on my impeccable storytelling skills to help you imagine the event in your mind, have no fear. The Daily Mirror was there to capture the entire affair on video.

What a way to entertain the normals. But honestly, do celebrities have some sort of echolocation ability that allows them to find each other anywhere in the world and proceed to blow the minds of everyone around them? Do award show gift bags include tracking devices?