Jimmy Fallon And Brad Pitt Had A Yodel Conversation, But Don’t Worry, There Are Subtitles

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Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt yodeling June 2013

Yodelayheehoo! Yodel yodel! Oh sorry, I didn't see you there. What's that? You don't speak yodel? Well then I guess I should translate what I just said for you. What I was saying was, “I have a very fun yodeling video to show you this morning!” And it's a good thing there are subtitles in this video so you can understand what the yodelers involved are yodeling when they yodel. And who are those yodelers, you ask? Why they're Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt, of course.

Let me set the scene for you. Poor Jimmy Fallon is stuck in his Late Night office working hard, as evidenced by the papers messily strewn across his desk and the frustrated way he touches his hand to his forehead. AKA the international symbol for “stressed.” I'd imagine it is really stressful coming up with the most consistently fun segments in the late night universe. Fun segments like the one he's currently starring in. Meta. Anyway, Jimmy needs to blow off some steam, so he goes up to the roof and does what anyone else would do in such a situation. He yodels. It looks like he's not the only one who needs some relaxing yodeling, because who responds to him from another rooftop but Brad Pitt himself! So what do you do when you're a stressed-out talk show host and a ponytail-sporting movie star on separate rooftops in New York City who both have the ability to yodel and also the ability to understand other yodels? You have a yodel conversation, of course!

I won't give you the details from their conversation because I was just eavesdropping, and I don't want them to know I heard what they yodeled and then told people about it like a yodel gossip, but luckily there's video of it, so you can eavesdrop yourself. I will tell you they perform a double yodel, which has never been done before, and I must say they accomplish it beautifully. It makes me want to write all my posts today in yodel, but you probably wouldn't understand them, so I guess I won't. #YODEL

(via Hollywood Reporter)