Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Kids Can’t Google Them

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Today on Sunday Morning Brad Pitt discussed his family, letting the world know the often used tabloid headline is true, the Jolie-Pitt gang does want to see their mom and dad walk down the aisle. Brad explained they've told him to, “get mommy a ring,” and he's agreed there will be a ring in mommy's future.

Considering how often this news has been reported or at least speculated about, and how universal kids' desire to see their parents legally wed is, the kids pestering Brad to make their mom an honest woman won't be groundbreaking until they organize a flash mob to “Put a Ring On It” the next time dad takes them to Target. The interesting familial tidbit Brad dropped at the interview is the fact there's a block keeping the kids from Googling their parents' names on their computers.

It's certainly a good idea to try to keep some things lurking on the net from your kids, especially if they could seriously hurt them (for example vicious gossip about their parents). At the same time with their parents' faces and issues plastered on new stands and TV shows it's hard to imagine any Jolie-Pitt will be able to totally avoid rumors about their parents for their entire childhoods. If they do manage to break through the Google barrier and find something emotionally damaging, I guess Brad and Angelina can always cheer them up with a wedding.