Samuel L. Jackson Recites A Slam Poem About Boy Meets World That Would Make Mr. Feeny Proud

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Samuel L  Jackson Recites A Slam Poem About Boy Meets World That Would Make Mr  Feeny Proud Samuel L Jackson Boy Meets World poem jpg

I’m beginning to think Jimmy Fallon has Benjamin Button syndrome and was actually a ’90s kid, because he’s just way too in tune with that culture. You know the culture. We’re the “oh my god I used to watch that show I feel so old I have so many feelings of nostalgia right now ahhhh” generation. And Fallon totally enables it. Remember when he orchestrated that Full House reunion? Well, last night it was time to tug at the heartstrings connected to Boy Meets World, with a little help from Samuel L. Jackson.

Mr. Jackson — who, for the record, is still not Laurence Fishburne — put on his best knit cap, stood in front of a black background under a spotlight, and recited a slam poem all about Cory, Topanga, Shawn and the gang. Before we get into the details of how amazing this video is, can I just ask when Samuel L. Jackson will start a business with Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken where people just hand them random things to read in their iconic voices all day? “Here’s my phone bill. Read it like there are snakes on it!”

But back to Boy Meets World. If you were a fan of the show, you’ll be delighted by these references. And if you’re in the mood to feel wetness in your eyeballs this morning, go ahead and watch to the end, when it becomes all about Mr. Feeny’s wise words. I don’t know about you, but while certain details of Boy Meets World have escaped my head to be replaced by new TV information like the numbers on Lost or what the hell Don Draper’s marital status is, I’ll always remember Mr. Feeny’s final life lesson about doing good. I mean, is anybody going to be writing slam poetry about Girl Meets World? I think not.