16 Books You Skimmed in High School That You Should Read Now

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How many books did you really read in high school? Probably none. Maybe Romeo & Juliet because it was such a classic romance. We're all guilty of skimming, sparks-noting, and watching the movie for the so-called “classics” we were forced to read in back in the day. But here's the thing: a lot of those books are classics and for a reason! The many themes prominent in these books are becoming increasingly relevant today (looking at you, 1984).

Let's admit it: there are so much more ~important~ things in high school than reading silly books for English class. Plus, something about having to write an essay about them probably soured the experience. But several classic novels are worth revisiting in adult life, especially when you can actually read them at your one pace. The benefit of experience, a deeper grasp of important themes, and the fact that there is no homework required makes reading them much better. Keep reading for the best books you never really read but actually should now!