17 of the of the Worst Book-to-TV Adaptations

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Almost every book nerd would agree that when it comes to movie adaptations of books, the book is always better. Or at least, almost always. Ninety percent of the time, important scenes are completely left out, minor details are changed, and the actors look nothing like their character descriptions. It's always disappointing to see visuals that are extremely different from what we envisioned. And unfortunately, the same applies when it comes to TV adaptations.

We'll admit that, in general, TV adaptations are way more successful compared to movies. And it's not so surprising, considering how producers have the extra time and leeway to carefully flesh out plots and experiment with the characters. But even so, some of these shows either turn out to be a total disaster or they just don't stay true to the original story at all. And it's not that we're trying to be annoyingly nit-picky (because honestly, show writers can do successful adaptations without staying true to every single detail of the books — hello, The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones). But when there are several inconsistencies to the point where it totally ruins the story? It's kind of a problem…