16 Body-Positive Songs To Turn Your Day Around

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There isn’t a person alive who lives every day feeling 100%. Maybe Beyoncé but that’s about it. The other 7.6 billion of us on earth have our bad days when we look in the mirror and are done. Of course, it’s all for a variety of reasons including what we see in the media and ideas of what we’re “supposed” to be plastered everywhere. It can be daunting. Thankfully though, times seem to be changing. Being body positive is nothing new, but it is still something we’re still learning to grasp all around.

Musicians though, they’ve been on top of it. While the rest of the world plays catch up, artists like Meghan Trainor, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga have all given us the best body-posi songs out there. They aren’t the only ones! Check out these other great empowering songs to make your day go from meh to YAS!