10 Reasons Bob’s Burgers Should Be Your Favorite TV Show

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Bobs Burgers Tina ugh


At this time in our TV lives, when great shows are getting canceled and the shows that are getting renewed have gotten stale, it's nice to have a series you can count on. A show that you never feel obligated to watch but rather really want to watch. Something that's consistently entertaining and original and unlike anything else on TV. For me, that show is Bob's Burgers. And it could be for you too.

The fourth season finale of the show airs this Sunday at 7/6 c on FOX. You should watch it. And then you should go on Netflix and stream the first three seasons. Why? Because it's great and it's underrated. And it's already been renewed for a fifth season so you don't have to worry about boarding a sinking ship. If you need this show's appeal spelled out for you before you give it a shot, I'm at your service. Here are ten reasons it should really already be your favorite.

1. It's hilarious.

Bobs Burgers Tina bra


This it the most obvious and probably most important reason. The humor is offbeat and quirky and clever and not really like any other comedy on TV. It's not the humor of a kid's cartoon, but it's also never especially vulgar or offensive like Family Guy. The great voice actors make it so much funnier.

2. Every character is iconic.

Bobs Burgers Gene this is me now


I can't tell you how many times I've switched favorite characters on this show. One second I'm convinced no one's as funny as Gene, then the next second I can't get enough of Tina. This isn't like other shows where there's that one weak character you could do without or someone whose storylines you'd rather not pay attention to. They're all lovable and unique and special, like snowflakes.

3. There are puns.

Bob's Burgers burger of the day


I'm a sucker for a good pun, the cornier the better. That's why I never go an episode without scanning the background for the Burger of the Day. There's always a new one there, and it's always a play on food words. There's even a Tumblr that keeps track of them if you missed one.

4. There are awesome guest stars.

Bobs Burgers Darryl


Video game enthusiast Darryl? That's Aziz Ansari. Aunt Gayle? That's Megan Mullally. There are also voice appearances from Kevin Kline, Jenny Slate, Billy Eichner, and Billy Hader, not to mention the time Jon Hamm voiced a talking toilet. For someone like me who makes a game out of identifying celeb voiceovers, this show is heaven.

5. There's silly singing.

Bobs Burgers Tina horses songs


The songs usually come out of mom Linda's mouth, and they're usually ridiculous and the kinds of things you'd come up with yourself. That's what makes them so great. Usually the show's credits feature a reprise of whatever song was made up during the episode. And usually I spend that time saying, “Man, I love this show so much.”

6. It's feel-good without being mushy.

Bobs Burgers Louise feelings


This is that rare show that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy while also appealing to your cynicism. Don't ask me how they manage it, but they have me nodding along about how much people suck and then five minutes later “aww”-ing over how great people are. It's a tricky balance, but this show nails it.

7. The family actually loves each other.

Bobs Burgers i love you hug


Part of how the show nails it is by making sure it's clear that deep down these characters really love each other. Whereas on other sitcoms family members are at each other's throats and making each other's lives miserable, the Belchers have each other's backs. I especially love the dynamic amongst the kids. They tease each other, of course, but you never get the impression that they hate each other's guts.

8. It's about normal, everyday people.

Bobs Burgers Linda Jennifer Slowpez


It's unusual for any show these days, let alone a cartoon, to depict working class people. The Belchers own a burger restaurant. That's the premise of the show. There's no evil genius baby or wacky monsters. Even though they get into some pretty unrealistic shenanigans, the characters are always relatable, hence why it's so hard to pick one favorite.

9. H. Jon Benjamin has the perfect voice.

Bobs Burgers im so high


This is the guy who also does the voice of Archer, to give you an idea. Archer and Bob are very different, and yet his voice is perfect for both of them. And by perfect I mean very attractive. I'm attracted to Bob Belcher and his hairy arms and his bald patch and his mustache. There, I said it.

10. It's under-the-radar enough that you'll look cool for watching it.

Bobs Burgers Gene Queen Latifah


The show's built up a devoted cult following, but it's not as widely known as other sitcoms or cartoons like Family Guy. When you recommend it to your friends who've never watched, you'll look like one of the cool kids. Let's just hope it never goes so under-the-radar that it gets canceled. I think I could watch this show for fifty more years.