Twitter Is Very Confused When It Comes To Bobbi Kristina Hooking Up With Her Brother

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Okay. So I was just on Twitter catching up on the latest gossip (so I can deliver it hot and fresh to you, like a calorie-free pizza) when I saw something alarming come up on my feed. At 3:28 @Radar_Online tweeted that Bobbi Kristina and her adopted brother Nick Gordon (Whitney Houston basically adopted him) are totally playing tonsil hockey and they have photo proof.

But then at 3:41, just 13 minutes later, @PageSix says Nick denies they're even in a relationship.

Then, as if my head wasn't already swimming with questions, at 4:28 @CelebNewsLook tweeted this:

So what's a blogger to believe?

How can I accurately report the news to you if Twitter can't figure out the truth? I'm a journalist, not Miss Cleo's intern. I can't just garner up a wild guess about Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's relationship. It's not like I have their Facebook profiles sitting in front of me, ready to give up information on their status.

I guess what I need is for Twitter to go take a quick team huddle, come to a conclusion and let me know the answer stat. I won't be able to sleep tonight otherwise.