Bobbi Kristina Is Gonna Have A Reality Show

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Bobbi Kristina Brown, as we know, as two of the worst parents a kid can have (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown). But it's about to get that much worse…Bobbi Kristina has tweeted out that she will have her own reality show…

I am gonna take a leap and say that she probably feels the need to “set the record straight” about the picture of her allegedly doing drugs, or the whole sex tape debacle. All I know is, we have seen this already…with her parents, and once again I ask, where is the rest of her family? Who’s watching her when clearly her parents aren’t.A reality show is not the way to go at this point, especially given that she is so young. I can already see her apologizing for her behavior in the future. I also quite curious as to what station is willing to give her air time – you already know it's because they think shes gonna be a trainwreck.Photo: Surfgossip