The Houstons: On Our Own Looks Like It Will Do Nothing But Exploit Bobbi Kristina Brown

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One of the biggest “huh?” moments from Whitney Houston‘s tragic passing eight months ago was the subsequent development of the Houston family signing on for their own reality show. Would cameras help them grieve Whitney's death, we wondered, or was this dysfunctional family setting themselves up for disaster? We always knew that this was happening, but suddenly the first promos are out.

As if there were any question, Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown will be the star of the show. In the months since her mother's death, Bobbi Kristina has shown up drunk to the burial, sat down with Oprah, and started dating Whitney's godson Nick Gordon. In fact, in another promo for the show, she tells family members, “We're engaged,” which would seem to confirm that these two are pretty serious. Or maybe they're just trying to get attention from her family? Let's look at the official synopsis from Lifetime:

Throughout the 14 episode half-hour series, viewers will see the Houston Family as they come together to deal with the loss of Whitney and focus on Krissy, the 19 year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney, and the only heir to her mother’s estate. The Houstons: On Our Own will follow Pat Houston, Krissy’s aunt, guardian, manager and executor of Whitney’s estate, as she tries her best to keep this large family together as they help Krissy deal with the loss of her mother in a healthy way and grow into a talented and beautiful young woman.

The video above is a two-minute “tease” for the whole season, and honestly, it plays like a really dramatic movie. Maybe it's the editing or the fact that this family has a lot of baggage, but everything down to the heart-to-hearts with lines like “She's lost a mother… Let's not lose her” is way intense. It makes me wish the Houstons could ignore the lure of the cameras and go into proper counseling. We've said many times before that people seem to be rooting for Bobbi Kristina to fail, and The Houstons: On Our Own seems like it will only hasten her emotional collapse.