Bobbi Kristina Brown Talks About Dropping Her Dad’s Name While Everyone Nods In Agreement

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Bobbi Kristina Brown
has had to deal not only with the death of her mother this past month, but all the media attention surrounding the aftermath. Now she seems to be dealing with the loss of her mom in another way; dropping her father's name and picking up Houston's.

Bobbi has told friends this name change is a long time coming; she wanted to drop the name since her parents divorced in 2007, but it was her mother who insisted she keep it. This name change would mean she drops both names tied to her dad, leaving her with Kristina Houston, which has a better ring to it anyways.

With her mom gone this name change could be a way for Kristina to honor her, both by talking her last name and by dropping the reminders of her father who is often blamed for Whitney's drug problems. No plans to make the name change legal have been announced, but it looks like for her friends Bobbi Kristina Brown is already gone, Kristina Houston taking her place.