Bobbi Kristina Brown May Have A Sex Tape

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Our unfavorite child celebrity Bobbi Kristina is having a tough week, and it just got tougher. A young man approached MediaTakeOut.com with an offer to sell a sex tape reportedly featuring the troubled girl. MediaTakeOut’s reponse:

“Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com was approached by a gentleman who tried to sell us a sextape starring Bobbi Kristina and an ex BFs (a Caucasian gentleman). The tape was described to us as “freaky” and “explicit.”

Unfortunately the sellers didn't realize that it is ILLEGAL to sell, or post explicit material of a child under 18. They MISTAKENLY believed that since Bobbi Kris turned 18 over the weekend the tape would be for sale.

MediaTakeOut.com did NOT VIEW the tape and WILL NOT post any link to the video online. We ask that you PLEASE not link to the material in the comments. [tagbox tag=”Bobbi Kristina Brown”]

I am guessing the young man in question may be the boy she referred to in her tweets when she responded to the release of those questionable pictures. I honestly ca not believe that this young girl stands a chance. Despite being so young, she is making decisions that will affect her for the rest of her life. In one week we went from relatively not knowing much about Bobbi to being legitimately concerned for her. I can’t even say…where are her parents? Because we already know the answer to that one. So…where is the rest of the family? This child needs some protection now.

Photo Source: Gormaticon