Bob Saget Tells A Heartwarming Story From The Full House Set About A Donkey Erection

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Full House Donkey Episode Family Photo

In case you've been lucky enough to never see Bob Saget do stand-up, you should know he's disgusting. That's kinda his schtick. It seems that after playing Danny Tanner in Full House for 8 seasons, he decided to make sure everyone knew he was just playing an uptight goody-two-shoes character by being insanely vulgar whenever possible. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not, but it's always vulgar.

So with that in mind, we can now talk about what happened when he went on Conan to last night to promote a book he wrote about his life. Obviously Conan asked if his book would be chock-full of scandalous Full House behind-the-scenes stories — because truth be told, that's the only part of Bob Saget's life that we care about. And Bob was like, “oh yeah, there will be all kinds of Full House stories, such as this one I'll tell you right now about the time a donkey came to set and the kids were around and it got an erection and I responded completely inappropriately to the situation.”

While I think we all know weird stuff happened behind-the-scenes of that show, his donkey erection story isn't quite what I had in mind. I mostly just pictured Dave Coulier hooking up with Alanis Morissette in shadowy corners while Lori Loughlin argued with the writers over whether it really made sense that an international pop star (fine, a Japanese pop star) would really raise his family in his brother-in-law's attic. Especially when his wife had a pretty steady job on a public access news station.

So yeah, this donkey story really threw me for a loop. And even worse, it kinda makes me want to read Bob Saget's book. Ugh. TGIF, am I right or am I right? While you decide if I'm right skip ahead to 2:01 on this video and enjoy.

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