Let’s Watch Celebrities Awkwardly Dance During The Bob Marley Tribute At The Grammys

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taylor swift dancing

You know what I love? Watching people awkwardly dance. Whether it's your parents at a wedding or celebrities at an awards show, it's always a delightful treat. That's why I enjoyed tonight's Bob-Marley-Free Bob Marley Tribute so much tonight.

At first I was all like, um why is this happening right now? Who invited Sting? Why is Bruno Mars singing a Bruno Mars song during a Bob Marley tribute? Am I on crack? Is that what this is? A crack trip?

But then I remembered it's the Grammys and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want And if that means putting on a tribute-less tribute for fifteen minutes for no reason, so be it. It's not like 3.5 hour shows make themselves. It's takes careful consideration from a team of very creative people who work long hours to figure out how to stretch the two-hour program into 210 minutes of programming. Also they need something for college freshman to pass around tomorrow on Gchat. You know, just one segment that reflects the posters hanging on their dorm walls.

And that's cool with me. One, because I'm totally in the Bob Marley spirit right now. And two, like I said above, it gave us this delightful video of celebrities awkwardly dancing to the music.

Prepare for some mom-slowly-swaying-in-the-corner-at-your-middle-school-dance-even-though-you-asked-her-to-wait-in-the-car levels of cringing.