Michael Pitt Invites His Facebook Friends To A Halloween Party, Which Is Actually A Music Video

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So I'm Facebook friends with Michael Pitt. Try not to feel too jealous. This happened after I saw I had a ton of friends in common with him and sent him a friend request, which he accepted. Woohoo! He must have remembered me from that one time I interviewed him on the phone for The New York Press three years ago! How weird was it that Michael Pitt lived in Brooklyn and knew all my friends, but we had never met before?!

As it turns out, my friends do not, in fact, know Michael Pitt. Rather, he runs his regular Facebook page like a fan page, and remains elusive even to me. But I'm not too mad about it, because I get fun updates from time to time. Like last night, Michael Pitt invited me to an event called “Tonight is our Halloween” that was supposed to take place in Brooklyn! I clicked to find this was not a personal invite to Michael Pitt's cool Halloween party (although many of the people posting things like “wish I could come!” on the “event”‘s page seemed to think it was), but something even better: a new music video!

I know we've had a bit of fun with Michael Pitt in the past, but this video is great. It's got a cool little girl wandering around a creepy '90s landscape, a haunted house for Michael Pitt to lurk in, skulls, fire dancing, and a tense moment where you wonder what Michael Pitt's going to do to the girl. Musically, the combination of tribal drums, acoustic strumming, and Michael Pitt's deep voice reminds me a little of Days of the New (remember them?), which makes me happy, because I think it's time people acknowledged there were other bands in the early '90s besides Nirvana.

All in all, the vid was an excellent Halloween treat, even though I'm a little peeved I didn't get to hang out with Michael Pitt IRL. But don't take my word for it. Here's Youtube user kaiyahsmum08‘s layered explication of this impressive work of art:

Absolutely love this. Fantastic concept for the video. No words are needed to understand what it's about. The video speaks for itself. There's something haunting about the use of classical instuments. There aren't enough bands out there today who combine classical with modern. It makes you guys unique. Thanks for that <3

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