Blue JasWin And McConaughYay Totally Win At The Oscars

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86th Annual Academy Awards - Press RoomAre you still digesting the best and worst moments from the Oscars on Sunday night? Yeah, I am, too! Shout-out to Lupita, you are a goddess; and honorary mention to my girl, Adele Dazeem.  I've got good news for you, fellow Awards junkies, it's Tuesday! Whether that means “taco” or “tipsy” Tuesday, it should definitely–totally–be a Totally Clevver Tuesday!

Prepare to LOL as hosts TraciJarrett and guests rehash the Oscars in this special edition of “Trophy Life.” Hastag #Cumberbomb, Blue Jaswin and McConaughYay are just a sneak peak at totally clevver catch phrases and hilarious commentary!

So here ya go, guys. You're very welcome:

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