Random White People Throw Blue Ivy A Baby Shower

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Random White People Throw Blue Ivy A Baby Shower Blue Ivy Baby Shower photo 640x512 jpg

Ugh. White people. They`re always throwing baby showers for celebrity babies they don`t know. Am I right or did I go to a fancy college prep school for nothing? This particular group of hard-partying friends decided that seeing photos of Blue Ivy wasn’t enough. They wanted, no they needed, to do more for her.

So naturally, they threw her a baby shower. And not just any baby shower, because let’s be honest, we’re talking about Blue Ivy, not Minnie Driver’s son, they made it a theme party. The theme? Blue and Crazy Town. They all dressed in blue, rode a train to Crazy Town and ate lunch together under upside-down blue umbrellas. Just a normal little brunch scene.

Since Jay-Z and Beyonce are being totally overprotective with Blue Ivy and not letting her attend strange baby showers, she did not make it to the par-tay. (Yes, it was definitely the kind of event where the invite said “par-tay.”) Fear not  fellow psychos, the showerers just used a prop Blue Ivy instead as well as a cardboard Beyonce.

And let’s be honest. I’m sure Cardboard Beyonce was a lot more fun than real Beyonce. Even if Cardboard Beyonce couldn’t sing, she looked great. It’s hard to believe she just gave birth to a baby doll just  a few weeks ago.

While I could wax poetic all day long about this totally normal event, I’ll leave you with this Lion King tribute photo. See the rest of the photos right here.

Random White People Throw Blue Ivy A Baby Shower Blue Ivy baby shower 640x494 jpg