New Photo Of Blue Ivy Reveals Everything, And Yet Nothing

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Blue Ivy, the world's most unphotographed celebrity child made another foray into the public eye this week via Beyonce's tumblr. Which continues to be the most glamourous tumblr ever created. Color corrected photos of hula-hooping never looked quite so fabulous.

Within the many new uploads from this weekend, Beyonce snuck this one of Blue Ivy drinking from a bottle and wearing a onesie promoting Jay-Z‘s  Watch the Throne tour. Except twist. We can't see Blue Ivy. Just her hair and general torso. I guess to be fair, we can view ONE elbow. But just one.

So yes, we know now she drinks out of bottle. But we don't know if it's formula or breast milk. Nor do we understand how she feels about it. I can't see the expression on her little face? Or big face? We don't know since we haven't gotten a good chance to stare at it since the luckiest shopper in the world snapped a twitpic last month.

And frankly, it's not fair. You can't give birth to Blue Ivy in the most controversial pregnancy of 2012 and then not share her face with us. On a weekly basis.

Maybe Beyonce should take a page from Hilary Duff's book and try, just try, muploading every major life milestones. Because she's a celebrity who understands the power of a celebrity baby photo. How it can entrance us and intrigue and keep us entertained for approximately 18 years.

Bey owes it to us to show us her daughter's face. Right? I'm not crazy, am I?