11 Times That Pop Culture Proved That It’s Obsessed With Bloggers

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New Girl Big Time Blogger


I don't want to alarm you, but it seems that the ol' suits in Hollywood have caught wind of this new internet doohickey and are now obsessed with it. More specifically, the blogging portion of the internet. It's like one of them sat down at a desktop computer one day, did a web search for “things on the internet that everyone except me knows about” and told all of their other exec pals about the blogosphere that they'd stumbled upon. “It's like the atmosphere, except for blogs,” cried one exec. “Quick, write up 35 TV shows, 16 commercials, and 9 late-night infomercials about it,” enthused another. They'd accepted it as their one true duty to include at least one teaspoon of blog in everything that they produced and no one could stop them. (Seriously, it's almost impossible to be a young, literate character in pop culture without running a snazzy little blog on the side.)

So, in honor of the fact that no one can escape blogger characters in pop culture even if they tried their hardest, here are 11 pieces of proof that Hollywood's really into bloggers. Like, super into them.

1. Julie & Julia

Julie and Julia Eat


Julie & Julia holds the distinction of being the first ever blog-to-movie ever made, so naturally it's bursting at the seams with blog references. It follows the story of Julie Powell, the young writer who blogged about her adventures in cooking all of the recipes in one of Julia Child's cookbooks within a year. And it was a winner during awards season, too, when it was nominated for every single award possible.

2. Gossip Girl

Kristen Bell Gossip Girl


At the heart of all of the melodrama on this show is Gossip Girl's blog site, which keeps tabs on all of the goings on and who's whos of the Upper East Side. The blog runner stayed anonymous until the least thought-out character reveal in history, but I won't ruin it for you on the off chance that you're stuck in a time machine and are still worried about spoilers for this show.

3. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Laptop Throw(via)

I'm no expert on The Big Bang Theory because I can't watch it for more than a few minutes without hating myself, but I know for sure that there was a story arc that involved Penny dating a guy who blogged about their sex life. He was obv one of those people who think that the internet is a private place full of secrets and whispering, but no worries, it was probably all sorted out with some forced laughter courtesy of the laugh track.

4. The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg Fingers


According to this movie, the entire idea of Facebook came about when Mark Zuckerberg, after writing a whiny blog post about a girl who broke up with him, created a douchey website to rate girls. It all started with a blog, folks.

5. The Simpsons

Simpsons Marge Grocery Shopping


Of course The Simpsons had to hop in on this TV trend and include an episode where Marge decides to start up her own foodie blog with her kids. And, because puns make the world a better place, she names it “The Three Mouthketeers.”

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