Wed Mar 24, 2010
Miami Love
Hey Alloy!

Yep, you guessed it -- another glorious week for me! I'm still on my radio promo tour and finally getting a little taste of the south; experiencing that southern hospitality. I've been in some great cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, Jacksonville and many more. I even got to kick back in Miami, which was a blast.

First of all, the shopping scene in the MIA is ridiculous. I bought some crazy statement pieces down there. I found this black lace vest with tiny studs on the shoulders that I paired over a throwback Grateful Dead graphic T. I can't forget the floral Free People romper I scored -- I'm anxiously awaiting summer just so I can wear it.

If any of you are going to Miami soon, you should check out Barton G restaurant, legit one of the coolest restaurants I've ever been to. The menu is totally modernized and unique. I ordered lobster pop tarts as an appetizer and they brought them out in a huge vintage toaster oven! I don't even want to start with how delicious the food was. Get there, trust me.

On the weekends I've been relaxing in NYC, my home away from home. Because of the beautiful weather, me and some friends picnicked in Central Park and ended up spending the entire day there. We walked all the way to the south part of CP and hung out with the roller bladers. What a scene! It was as if they turned the park into a night club -- that's my kinda rollerblading! A DJ had his one and twos set up with speakers blasting house music so the entire park could hear. I've never seen such rollerblading talent in my life. If any New Yorkers want a good time, hit it up. Seriously!

Until next time peeps!


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