Wed Mar 17, 2010
Vita Wears Her Sunglasses At Night
Hey Alloy!

I've been in New York for in studio with SRP Records and have a ton of school work. I had almost 14 hours of schooling this weekend!! My tutor, Josh, is the man. I'm rockin' biology because that's always been my subject. I'm a science kinda girl; it's just my thiiiing (besides my music of course!). I went and saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with my friend and it totally captivated me. The special effects, the set, the COSTUMES, oh man the costumes, un-freaking-real. Go see it, and fall in love with Johnny Depp like I did! Is it just me, or does everyone love how 3D glasses have that trendy Ray-Ban look? ...I wear my 3D glasses at night... haha!

I was in NY when the Oscars were on; I got to watch it with some friends. I am so proud that Kathryn Bigelow won, all women stand up!! I love that. I saw most of the movies nominated, but my faves were definitely Avatar, Precious, Crazy Heart and most importantly UP! Obviously my friends and I did red carpet critique all night long, duhhh. The dresses to remember were Sarah Jessica Parker's and Diane Kruger's. Both in the most gorgeous Chanel gowns. Clearly lilac is the color to be in this season.....and ruffles??

I have an exciting week coming up, Texas here I come!! I get to visit more radio stations, which I have mad love for. I'll also be hitting up Florida, can't wait for that sunshine. I'm from Barbados aka not used to such little amounts of sun and beach!

Love you all!
Xoxo, Miss V

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