Wed Mar 10, 2010
Vita Gets Going

Hey guys!

This was one of the BEST weeks of my life! Not only did my EP drop, The Get Go, but "Young Money" was also the iTunes single of the week!!!! Waaaay too many amazing things happening! I love every single person who's listening to my music, you're all seriously legit.

I'm still on my promo tour traveling from state to state -- it's the best time. I get to visit a ton of great cities in my rockin' van! My band is with me, they are hilarious and awesome traveling companions. We're constantly laughing.

Also, I get to hang with the programmers and more at the radio stations. They all have been so great to me. The last couple of days I've been in North Carolina, Atlanta, and Nashville. I went to Bow Wow's mom's store called Taste Clothing Boutique. It was the coolest shop, I picked up 2 unbelievable pairs of black acid wash jeans.

No school for me this week! I got my own spring break and loved it. Instead of classes from the van via my tutor. I got to flip through fashion magazines and listen to insane amounts of music (or just "Blah Blah Blah" by Ke$ha on repeat) :p

My last weekend off, I headed back to New York. I was in the studio working with my producers, they're the coolest guys. We do comedy bits and they make me laugh so much I forget that I am working! While I was there, I cut a few covers of Pink, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert and Rihanna.

Check them out here...
"Glitter In The Air" by Pink
"Baby" by Justin Bieber
"Whataya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert
"Russian Roulette" by Rihanna

By the way, on my promo tour, I came across some stellar Missoni Converse! It's my #1 priority to get my hands on those bad boys!

The Get Go is here, go get it!

Until next week,
xoxo miss v

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