Fri Oct 15, 2010
All the Way USA
On the road again...
The crazy crowd in Austin
We've been in the US for a little over three weeks now and we've been up to a lot since we arrived in this mighty country. After the Monclair show that we told you about last time, we arrived in NYC to play our biggest North American show to date. Terminal 5 is a great venue. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of visiting the venue, let us explain.

The room is a three story high concrete box that sounds better than most concrete boxes. There are viewing corals on the second and third floors that give a great view of the stage, but you can imagine back in the day that they would have been filled with some MDA exploration. The show was the best of the tour so far and this was due to the electric crowd that came down that night.

From NYC we travelled overnight to Montreal, the French part of Canada. We were super excited about visiting the city; last time we where there, we found this great music store which has the greatest array of Guitar FX. Apart from this we were quite shocked to see a ridiculous amount of homeless people. Considering we were in the French-speaking part of the country, we thought that it might not be as derelict. How naive we were. Anyway, the show was great and the venue was one of the coolest venues we have ever played in but it did feel like it was about to collapse.

From Montreal we went to Ottawa. It was a first for all of us to visit the Canadian Capital and was even more of a surprise when we found out how great the nightlife was there, especially on a Sunday night. Some locals decided to take it upon themselves to show us a good time. The night culminated in most of the band, crew and the guys of Delphic singing David Bowie songs till the wee hours of the morning, and making sure that there would never be a party in the apartment building again. Toronto was next on the map and we needed a little time to recover from the evening before. Unfortunately, most of our time in Toronto was taken up by press commitments so not as much fun was had this time around.

After Canada we ventured back into New York State and then across to Columbus, Ohio, which is basically like a nerds movie on steroids. It is a college town and has been good to us the two times we have visited. However, it's a little surreal when you walk the back streets and find all the frat houses. We asked around where there might be a party, but everybody would just look blankly or change the subject like we weren't supposed to mention it. Whoops.

Next stop was Austin. We were all excited about going back -- Austin is one of America's jewels. The weather was great, and the festival was really well laid-out. We snapped a pic of the audience from the stage, as you can see. But the highlight came after the show where we all decided to have a well-deserved night out. Some of us went to Stubbs to see the Black Keys, others went out for sushi. The night culminated in a very early wake up call to fly to Detroit. Unfortunately we managed to sleep through the alarm and missed the flight. Not so unfortunately, we got to spend Sunday in South Congress.

We've got one more blog coming up next week, but in the meantime, drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing some of you guys at our shows!

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