Tue Oct 5, 2010
Temper Trap Hits the Northeast -- and Jimmy Fallon!
Hey, Alloy! Long time no speak!

We arrived in Baltimore last Friday after a couple of weeks of down time from the tour. It's nice to be back state-side for what is going to be our last major tour for the year. Baltimore was really muggy and hot when we arrived and was a little bit of a shock after being in London, where it seems that winter has already begun.

We had a rehearsal day in the middle of nowhere to refresh ourselves before we stepped out onto the stage for the first time in a couple of weeks. Our first gig was at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Maryland. It was at the Merriweather Post Pavilion; we thought it was an imaginary place made up by Animal Collective. The festival had a really eclectic mix of bands from Joan Jett to Ludacris, which was pretty cool. We were sharing a trailer with Thievery Corp.

From Baltimore we headed to Philly, which has two of our favorite places in the states: Love Park and The Art Museum. We actually ran from the venue to the rocky steps this time, which was a lot further than anticipated. It definitely wasn't the best thing to do right before the show as we started to get a bit of a cramp when we were playing.

But, the show went well and it was great to see the reactions to other bands that played, like Delphic and The Hundred In the Hands. Delphic are quite big in Europe and are an amazing live band, so it was great to have them out on the tour. Hundred in the Hands' live show was impressive, too -- it was a mesh of electro and grimy guitars.

From Philly we headed to NYC for two crazy days of promo. The first stop was Jimmy Fallon, where we performed our song "Fader". This was very exciting, one because he is the only late night host that we like and two, because The Roots are his house band. He came in to meet us before the show, which was cool and totally surreal.

We just played a show in Boston at the House of Blues, which was our first real gig in the city. The crowd was great and was made even better by the amazing taco stand down the end of the street after the show. You can't go wrong with ice margaritas.

Now we're in New Jersey getting ready to play one final show before our Big Terminal 5 show in New York. Look forward to seeing you all on the road, but check us out on Facebook and Twitter if you can't catch us on tour.

Speak soon,
Temper Trap

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