Thu Sep 16, 2010
Electric Rain
Toby and Win from Arcade fire duke it out
Group hug
Hey, Alloy!

Ok, so a lot has happened in The Temper Trap camp since we last wrote. As we told you guys last week, we were in the studio, writing some tunes to get back in the swing of it and let out some much needed creative tension. We have written a new intro to our set and a couple of new songs, which we will be playing during our next US run. Can't wait for you all to hear 'em.

In between these two sessions, we had our last European commitments for the year and most likely the album, which is a little sad, as the continent has been so good to us.

The first was show was a festival in Paris called Rock En Seine. We went out to Paris a day early as Queens Of The Stone Age, LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack were playing on the Saturday and we wanted to see them play live.

Then we played on Sunday, which also had an amazing lineup consisting of The Eels, Beirut, Fat Freddy's Drop, and the highlight: Arcade Fire.

We were the first band on the main stage, which can normally be pretty hard as most of the festival goers are still waking up from the night before. However, we had a healthy Parisian crowd and a lot of fun. Unfortunately we missed The Eels due to some press, but Beirut was amazing and the French absolutely adore him. They play a kind of mix between traditional European folk and Klesmer music, which is incredibly fun.

But the highlight of it all was watching Win Butler (from Arcade Fire) kick Toby's butt at table tennis. He is fresh out of the studio so his skills are highly tuned. We also caught Arcade Fire play -- they're amazing live and a true inspiration.

Halfway through the set there was a change in the wind and then an almighty storm of sideways rain came through. The band kept pushing on through until the stage managers decided it was too dangerous. The rain let up for a bit, so they came out and played an awesome acoustic version of "Wake Up". Sometimes when it rains people seemed to lose their inhibitions and just let go and that is how the crowd was reacting. It was amazing.

Then we had another week in the studio and headed to Santiago in Northern Spain for an MTV gig, again with Arcade Fire. It was great watching a full Arcade Fire set where they played a great selection from all three of their albums. But it didn't compare to the Paris gig the week before.

If you want to check out some more pictures from the Paris show there are a heap on our website. Also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages -- and watch for us on Jimmy Fallon on September 27! We're stoked for that.

Until next time,

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