Thu Aug 12, 2010
Loving Life at Lollapalooza
Hi everybody!

We're the Temper Trap and welcome to our first US Fall tour blog. Over the coming weeks we will fill you in on all the exciting and non-exciting things that we get up to on tour.

So this week saw us arrive from New Zealand to America to join in the fun of Lollapalooza. We arrived in Chicago on Thursday to play a warm up show for Pure Volume at Angels and Kings. It was a small party with only about 70 people. The whole gig had a very familiar feel to it. It reminded me of the days when we started in Melbourne, Australia. Very small stage -- all cramped with little room to move. At one point during the gig I felt like I was in a Temper Trap cover band.

That night we drove out to Cleveland to play a pick up show. Now Cleveland may have the Rock and Roll hall of fame but I feel that it really is better known for La Braun and the Indians. I managed to sneak into the Baseball game after the show and watch the massive fireworks display. I actually felt like I was going to be set on fire -- they were sooo close. The night turned a little sour when I persuaded the crew to come with me and enjoy BonFire, an AC/DC cover band. I was so excited, but the crew was very unimpressed. I think the Pyro went to my head.

So back in Chicago on Saturday, it was a lazy day for most of us. Dougy headed to the festival for a little while to see Gaga, but left as it was too crowded. America is crazy -- people just want to give you stuff, but there is a catch. You have to have photographers snap your every waking moment. However we did clean up and I do think that our entire next record will now be recorded on the bus, just from the sounds that emanate out of the sleeping quarters. Show day was a busy day. We had lots of hot dates with press people at the festival which was ruined in the beginning by the ridiculous wind and rain that was provided by Mother Nature in the morning. Thankfully the clouds parted and the day ended up being beautiful. The show was amazing and I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of people that came out to see us. The stage was in this great tree-rimmed area and felt like it was completely separate from the festival. There were a lot of people on the side of stage as well, which was a little unusual as we don't normally have that many people. Check out the performance of "Sweet Disposition" here.

We then went back to our hotel to play at the Glassnote after-party, which was awesome. We got to hang out with our friends Mumford and even played together during our set. It was a great experience at Lollapalooza.

Check back with us as we fill you in on our entire fall tour and don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

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