Tue Aug 24, 2010
Tamar's Album Release! And Her Favorite -- Shoes?!
Me and my fave sandals!
My black heels!
Florentini and Baker boots
Hello, guys!

I have some very exciting news this week. My debut record, Sinner or a Saint, has dropped in stores and on iTunes! If you haven't already picked it up or listened to some of the tracks, please do. It's a very hopeful, fun, sexy, and classy record and I think you're gonna love it! Currently, my favorite tracks are, "New Day," "Raining in Paradise," and "Sinner or a Saint!"

And here's a cool little secret -- if you listen closely to the chorus of "Sinner or a Saint," you can hear the boys of OneRepublic singing background vocals on the track!

Anyway, enough about the record! This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite shoes with you.

Flats: Comfort of the entire body starts with the feet! Converse, TOMS shoes, Matt Bernson, Franco Sarto flats, and Melissa flip flops are some of my favorites. I am also a big supporter of the TOMS shoe cause: you buy a pair of shoes and another pair goes to a child in need. If you are not familiar with them, you've gotta become familiar, stat!

Heels: I always feel sexy wearing heels. One of my favorite brands is called Dolce Vita; they always have incredible pumps. I tried a beautiful pair on yesterday in a store called Kitson LA. They were zebra print! I stopped myself from making that purchase, though ?. On this past tour I did, I was wearing black Vince Camuto booties. They went perfectly with almost every single outfit I had. I think the classic black stiletto is always beautiful as well.

My favorite pair of boots are made by Florentini and Baker. The more you wear this leather, the better it looks!

And as much as I love pretty shoes, you will never see me going very far without my Nike running shoes. Running is a passion of mine. I run about 4-6 miles a day, so I go through my tennis shoes every 3-4 months. I always look forward to getting a new pair.

Who are your favorite shoe designers? Do you have a favorite pair that defines your sense of style and fashion? If you do, share with me what they are!

I really LOVE feedback and hearing from all of you, so find me on Facebook and on Twitter! I'd love to know what you think of my album and what YOUR favorite songs are!


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