Tue Aug 17, 2010
Rings, and Earrings and Bangles, Oh My!
Me playing piano!
Like my look? :)
My fave earrings
My kitty ringholder!
Hey guys!

Last week I blogged about my favorite makeup and facial products. This week, I want to share some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and accessories with you!

An outfit is never complete without some form of bling; The more unusual the piece, the better.

Earrings: I'm a big earring person. I have a beautiful pair of simple studs that I always wear; They are simple, classy, and go with just about everything. I am also a fan of the classic pearl stud. For something a little more edgy and vintage, I found this piece in my mother's jewelry box! I love wearing these when I have my hair pulled back into a ponytail or up in a hat.

Rings: You will never see me performing ring-less! I have a very pretty Chrome Hearts 'heart' ring that I never take off and two diamond infinite bands that I wear on my index finger. I always find jewelry to be special because, depending on who has given you the piece, it's almost like you are wearing a piece of them on you at all times. The two infinite rings belonged to my great-aunt, who was like a second mother to me. When she passed away, I found comfort in always keeping them on my fingers as a form of protection.

Bracelets: If and when you see me wearing one, I never let a bracelet dangle; it makes it hard for me to play the piano when there is always something else hitting the keys aside from my own fingers! To remedy this issue, I wear my bracelets higher up on my arm. My Chrome Hearts bangle is my favorite 'every-day' piece to wear.

Now onto other accessories. I will wear my classic, black 'Billy Joel-esque' Ray Bans every chance I get. They are quite the staple to my look. Another accessory that I tend to rock at times is a fedora. It gets tedious to blow-dry my curly hair every day, so when I don't feel like spending an hour and half doing so, I just tuck my hair under a cool looking hat. So easy!

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my fashion tips! I will be blogging again next week about shoes (and my album release!).

But in the meantime, what are you guys' fave accessories? Do you have any jewelry that means a lot to you? I wanna hear it, girls!

Peace and love,

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