Fri Aug 13, 2010
Makeup Tips from Tamar Kaprelian!
Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to be writing this weekly blog. I am of the belief that music and fashion go hand-in-hand, so I will be sharing some of my style "do's and don'ts" with all of you. I like to describe my style as such: If Audrey Hepburn and Bob Dylan had a child, that would define my sense of style:

This week I'm dishing on facial products and makeup -- a girl's BEST friend! I feel like I've tried almost every skin product and almost every makeup line. FINALLY, I have found a great combination that works for me.

One thing I've learned over the past few years, is that the most important thing to having clear skin is moisturizing. I start off every day by washing my face with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser. Gentle on the skin, but removes dirt and makeup well.

Next, I use: Michael Marcus' Tone Herbal Extract and then I combine two different moisturizers: CeraVe Moisturizing lotion and Michael Marcus' Improve Moisture, and last, but not least, I finish the prepping stage with another favorite product of mine: the anti-pouf eye gel by Michael Marcus. Always helpful after a late night.

I never travel anywhere without an amazing makeup bag like this one in the photo. It fits every piece of makeup and it keeps everything VERY organized. Always helpful when you are going in and out of airports constantly.

I use these two products as base concealers: Chanel Pro Lumiere and Michael Marcus cover 2. I use Benefit's Boi-ing concealers to cover up the little red marks, and I finish off the look with mixing two of Michael Marcus' powders together for that perfect, clean, flawless coverage.

Next, I move onto the eyes. I love that classic Audrey Hepburn look -- The simple brown eye-liner with full lashes. I use MACs dipdown fluid liner and Benefits bad girl blue mascara.

For the lips, I moisturize with MAC's lip conditioner and add a touch of color with a beautiful red lip stain. A lovely makeup artist in NYC shared this product with me. I have been hooked since.

No look is complete without a little bit of color on the cheeks. I recommend this product: Michael Marcus sunkissed bronzer

Finished look: simple, classic, young, and fresh.

Do you like the natural look or do you prefer a made-up face? Let me know!

'Til next time,

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