Thu Aug 5, 2010
A Typical Day on Tour for Runner Runner
Hey, guys!

This is a crazy ride, a ride that feels like a dream caught up in a cyclone. You daydream about it and then, bang! Here it is. Our typical day begins with phone interviews really early, but man you will never hear us complain about that! People want to talk to us? You bet! Lately we have been making visits to radio stations along the tour. Usually a promotion person from our label, Capitol, meets us and then drives us to the stations.

That part is pretty amazing and lots of fun. You get to meet a lot of great people at the stations, program directors, music directors, DJs, staff. We usually play a few songs for them and hang out and talk for a bit. Then it's back to the venue or sometimes off to do more interviews with all kinds of people. People from local papers, video shows, retail stores, etc. We soundcheck, sometimes close to show time, sometimes a bit before. The days become a blur and sometimes you lose track of time, but this is what we have been hoping for our entire lives.

You try to find some time to work out, answer e-mails and of course spend as much time as we can on Facebook and our other sites. We get some food and suddenly it?s show time. That's such an awesome feeling, to be able to play music for people. We get to play music all day long on our visits but it?s acoustic, so the plugged-in shows have a different feel. You can't imagine what a great feeling it is to just play, and getting onstage is more fun than someone should be allowed to have!

After the show we wind down for a second and then try to meet with as many people as we can. It's so great to meet people who like our music, the thrill is like Christmas times ten!

We spend as much time as we can just hanging out until the bus driver says it's time to go. We hop in our home away from home (the bus), try to do a little more Facebook or MySpace then crawl in the bunk and go to sleep. It's always a little weird waking up in a new town, but we wouldn't trade this adventure for anything!

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