Tue Jul 13, 2010
The King of Passion Pit

This is Ian from Passion Pit. Greetings from Texas! Our BBQ-filled tour of the South continues.

It was unbelievably hot during the day in Houston, but even hotter onstage that night. Luckily, our amazing tour manager Andrew knows just how to take care of us and had towels dipped in ice water waiting for us once the show ended. Next up was one of our favorite towns to play: Austin, Texas. I escaped the heat by watching the World Cup in his hotel room, while Jeff found his own way to cool off at soundcheck. The second show at Stubb's was one of the best of the tour: the crowd was unbelievable and everyone in the band was at the top of their game. Two people even got engaged onstage before we played "Little Secrets."

After a show in Dallas, we had a couple days off before heading to St. Louis, so we stopped for a day of musical history in Memphis, Tennessee. A few of us went to Elvis Presley's mansion at Graceland, where Nate tried on some sunglasses in the gift shop and practiced his killer impersonation of The King. Jeff was obviously more impressed by the time he spent in the room where Elvis kept his gold records and stage costumes.

The tour is wrapping up soon, but we've got one more blog post for you. Talk to you soon!


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