Thu Jun 24, 2010
Texas BBQ and Mother-Loving
Hey Alloy,

We are in Texas right now enjoying some delicious BBQ and hanging on by a thread in this heat! Now that we are settled into our day to day tour routine (phone interviews, soundcheck, performances, etc.) we've finally had some time to do some fun things on the road like visit family, ride bikes, go shopping and eat great food.

While in Atlanta, GA we stopped by the Emory Children's Healthcare Center to perform as part of their "Songs for Kids Foundation," which is a non-profit foundation that enriches the lives of children in need through music. Michael, Jeff and I played instruments with the kids and sang along to children's songs with them.

From there we went over to the local record shop for an in-store performance for a few lucky fans. When we arrived to the store, they had a DELICIOUS cake waiting for us that had paper cut-outs of all of us on it. The store clerks had made it just for us (we LOVE home baked goods!!).

Next was New Orleans. Our drummer, Nate is a new resident of the city so he took us for a spin around town. For dinner, the band and crew stopped by a restaurant called 'Mothers' for some down-home southern cooking. The shows through Florida and the southern coast were great! As we drove across to Texas, we had some down time in which our singer Michael worked on some songwriting for Nelly Furtado while Jeff finally emailed his mother back.

We are now in Austin and just about to leave on a quest for more BBQ before our sold out performance at Stubb's!

See you all soon,

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