Thu Jun 10, 2010
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This is God's Country
Jeff jumpin' for joy
So much gear, so little space
Hey Alloy!

This past week we kicked off our month-long, headlining US Tour with our friends Tokyo Police Club. Before we piled into the bus, we made a quick detour to Seattle, WA where we played the Sasquatch Festival. After an early morning flight to Washington State, we arrived at the beautiful gorge of George, WA. It was more beautiful and held more people than we even remembered!

After our performance there, it was back to New York City to load the bus for our month-long journey across the east side of America. As you can see we don't travel lightly!

With 5 band members, a growing crew and too many keyboards to count, we'll be rocking a full house this tour. Our first stop was our nation's capital: Washington D.C. Jeff was particularly excited to visit the grounds of the White House

Our show at 9:30 Club was sold out, and we had a fantastic time. What a great place to start the tour! More to come from myself and the band as we venture across 11 states, 17 cities and encounter thousands of fans, new and old.

- Passion Pit

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