Thu Aug 2, 2012
Find Out What DIY Projects Fit Your Personal Style

Pinterest has totally created a whole new world when it comes to at-home arts & crafts. From home decor to DIY jewelry and accessories, we are totally obsessed with creating the newest trends for ourselves.'s Do It, Gurl series recently did a two-part episode all about duct tape jewelry and we are absolutely obsessed with it! It's super easy to make earrings and bracelets out of the tape and they have so many fun colors and patterns to experiment with. Check out the videos below!

Duct Tape Earrings:

Duct Tape Bracelets:

Head over to the Scotch Duct Tape site to take the quiz and see whether your style is trendy, glamorous or traditional. You will be entered to win a combo pack with the newest duct tape styles and you can also see what DIY projects are perfect for you!

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