Tue Dec 13, 2011
Meet All the Style Rules Contestants!

Rachel Zoe and LG have teamed up to create the ultimate fashion challenge. The team has traveled to six different cities to watch two best friends go head-to-head in a style-off. Rachel tells them which look she wants and then gives the team a set of rules they must follow to win the contest. They are given two hours and $200 to create the perfect looks. Each contestant was sent a chic bag from Rachel's personal clothing line. Check out how cute the contestants look with their new bags!

But before you check 'em out, we just had to letcha know that Style Rules has been picked up for two more holiday episodes! Contestants have been chosen and crews have been sent for our last fashion challenges. Do these girls have what it takes to impress Rachel and her style team? Look for new episodes here. Ok, now you can peep the contestants and their bags (Chloe to the left):






Ricky & Tommy



You Say!