Mon Aug 8, 2011
Ways To Avoid First-Day-of-School Embarrassment

Seems like Cassie Mitchell just can't catch a break! Not sure who exactly Cassie Mitchell is? We'll bring you up to speed. In the first fun-filled season of First Day, BFF-less and boyfriend-less Cassie is forced to repeat her humiliating first day of school over and over until super hottie — AKA the boy of her dreams, Ryan — actually notices her!

With so many chances, Cassie has to get it right... right? But after many failed attempts at impressing Ryan, Cassie begins to think she is officially stuck in the most embarrassing, dorkifying first day ever. It's not until she gets some helpful advice from her uber-cool sister, Shasha, that she gets the confidence she needs to execute the perfect day with the perfect boy.

Season 2 of the First Day series launches on September 9th, and this year, it's all about that scary first dance. But before you tune in, catching up on the previous eps is an absolute must! That's why we've put together this First Day vid with all the episodes from the first season right here for you!

To catch all the new episodes of First Day 2: First Dance, make sure to check out the show's Facebook hub.

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