Thu Aug 2, 2012
Find Out What DIY Projects Fit Your Personal Style

Pinterest has totally created a whole new world when it comes to at-home arts & crafts. From home decor to DIY jewelry and accessories, we are totally obsessed with creating the newest trends for ourselves.'s Do It, Gurl series recently did a two-part episode all about duct tape jewelry and we are absolutely obsessed with it! It's super easy to make earrings and bracelets out of the tape and they have so many fun colors and patterns to experiment with. Check out the videos below!

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Mon Dec 19, 2011
10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Your Period

Step away from that giant chocolate cake! We totally get it. It's that time of the month and all you want is to sit in bed with a hot towel on your stomach, a piece of cake in your mouth and a marathon of movies that make you sob like a baby. Unfortunately we have lives and have to keep it going through the cramps and emotions. So, we put together of the best tips — courtesy of Kotex — to help you stay healthy and happy during your period.

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Tue Dec 13, 2011
Meet All the Style Rules Contestants!

Rachel Zoe and LG have teamed up to create the ultimate fashion challenge. The team has traveled to six different cities to watch two best friends go head-to-head in a style-off. Rachel tells them which look she wants and then gives the team a set of rules they must follow to win the contest. They are given two hours and $200 to create the perfect looks. Each contestant was sent a chic bag from Rachel's personal clothing line. Check out how cute the contestants look with their new bags!

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Wed Nov 9, 2011
Win An iPad For You And Your BFF!

Okay guys, we get it. You all REALLY want an iPad. So, instead of giving away just one iPad, we're giving away two — one for you and one for your BFF — in honor of the new BFF-centric Facebook app, #TheList. All you gotta do is click here to enter!

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Thu Sep 15, 2011
The Perfect Playlist for You and Your BFF

Nina and Randa, aspiring singer-songwriters who also just so happen to be twins and BFFS, got the chance to meet with Talent star, BC Jean, and you'll never guess what happened next. Or maybe you will. They got to professionally record a song that they wrote in the same booth that superstars like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber (yes, Bieber) have recorded in! And since the song that they wrote together is like, the ultimate sign of friendship, we got inspired to make #theplaylist that we'd want to listen to with our own BFFs.

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Tue Sep 6, 2011
To Dress Like You're Going to NYFW, All You Need is Your iPhone

The end of summer can only mean one thing for fashionistas everywhere, and that's the start of Fashion Week! With so many awesome digs from tons of big-name designers, you're bound to see an outfit that you love but, truth, probs can't afford. So, how is one expected to keep track of it all? Enter Nextag's Radar iPhone app. All you gotta do is take a pic of the item with your iPhone, and the app automatically creates alerts for you on where to buy — and where to get a discount. So it's basically like having your own personal shopper, minus the glitz, the glam and the fame. Whatever. So perfect for back to school, right?!

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Tue Aug 30, 2011
Sierra Kusterbeck is Payless' New Brash Girl

Everything about Sierra Kusterbeck screams independence, confidence and edgy fashion. Not only is Sierra the lead singer of an alt-rock band called VersaEmerge, she is now also the face of Brash, the affordable footwear, accessories, and beauty line at Payless. Brash infuses edginess with just the right amount of girly-ness and gives you the option to create your own unique and independent look just in time for back-to-school! Sierra, a 20-year-old self-proclaimed Brash Girl, prides herself on her tough-girl vibe and loves to create her own looks (No wonder they picked her as the face of the brand, huh?). Check out a few of Brash's best items, then tell us what you'll be wearing on your first day of school!

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Wed Aug 24, 2011
Behind-the-Scenes Style Look with PLL and Gossip Girl Creators

JSYK, we're part of the Alloy family (a.k.a. the people behind Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, maybe you've heard of them?). And in this exclusive video, we're showing you how Alloy and Macy's teamed up to style their new web series, Wendy. But before you watch...

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Learn How to Dance From SYTYCD Alum Kent Boyd

We can't think of many things that would be better for BFFs who are aspiring dancers than trying out for — and landing — their very first professional audition. Oh wait, yes we can. How about getting audition tips and tricks directly from SYTYCD alum, Kent Boyd? Yeah. That'll do it. And these lucky BFFs, Elizabeth and Carmyn, got just that.

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Fri Aug 19, 2011
Go Behind the Style of First Day 2: First Dance

It's no secret that we were super obsessed with the amazing clothes featured in First Day, Season 1! While we felt for our girl Cassie as she was forced to painstakingly live her first day of school over and over, we have to admit that we got bit by the fashion bug every time she appeared in a super cute new outfit!

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Thu Aug 18, 2011
What's the Best Music Video of All Time?

After obsessing over watching PLL's Tyler Blackburn in the "Save Me" music video for his new series Wendy, we're thinking we should add the vid to our list of personal favorites. And as inspiration from our new fave, we wanna know what you think is the best music video ? of ALL TIME! Now this is a toughie. Obvs one could argue that "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" (we've heard/said that one before). But with classics from Michael Jackson and Madonna, and newer phenoms like "Firework" by Katy Perry, the competition is getting fierce.

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Mon Aug 15, 2011
PLL's Tyler Blackburn Makes His Singing Debut in Wendy! (Video)

Nope, you're not seeing things. That really is Tyler Blackburn behind the mic. Unfortch he's not going to be singing on an ep of Pretty Little Liars, but he is belting it out in this music vid for his new web series, Wendy! And we're all kinds of attracted to him while he's singing this jam, "Save Me," and serenading his co-star Meaghan Martin. Let's just hope Ashley Benson doesn't get too jealous.

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Mon Aug 8, 2011
Ways To Avoid First-Day-of-School Embarrassment

Seems like Cassie Mitchell just can't catch a break! Not sure who exactly Cassie Mitchell is? We'll bring you up to speed. In the first fun-filled season of First Day, BFF-less and boyfriend-less Cassie is forced to repeat her humiliating first day of school over and over until super hottie ? AKA the boy of her dreams, Ryan ? actually notices her!

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Wed Aug 3, 2011
The Kardashians to Launch New "Kollection" for Sears

You know those three glamorous sisters who take over your television screen every Sunday night on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Well, they're also about to take over your local Sears with their newest retail venture, the Kardashian Kollection!

Beginning Sunday, August 7, you can be the first to grab their new line during a 72-hour exclusive presale on Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's "Kollection" includes apparel, jewelry, handbags, lingerie and fun footwear. But ya might want to jump on that presale because something tells us that it's going to sell out quick!

Want to find out how you can get an exclusive first look at the styles? Read on!

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Mon Aug 1, 2011
Submit A Pic of You Wearing Your Fave Outfit & Win Big!

You know that special outfit you wear when you want to look cute, feel good, and maybe impress your crush? Uh, yeah, we've all got one of those.

And from Aug 1st through Sept. 30th, you can show it off to win big. Enter the Kmart & First Day 2: First Dance Show Us Your Best Look Sweepstakes by submitting a pic of you in your favorite threads for your chance to win. No matter what your style — trendy, preppy, boho, goth — all you need to do is submit your pic to score some totally sweet prizes.

Continue reading to get all the deets on what you can win!

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Thu Jul 28, 2011
Cute Shoes That Give to Kids in Need...
Chinese Laundry is spreading their love (and their shoes!) globally to benefit little girls living in orphanages. Their new shoe line, Little Laundry, will provide lucky girls around the world with the chance to rock the most stylish shoes! Can you say awesome?

Read on to find out how you can do your part to donate shoes to kids in need!

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Fri Jun 24, 2011
Did Lady Gaga Steal "Born This Way" From Lucy Hale? (Video)
There have been, like, 8 thousand different takes on Cinderella in the past few years, but, guys, Lucy Hale and Freddie Stroma's A Cinderella Story is easily gonna be one of the best yet. Not only does this version involve Bollywood outfits instead of gowns and iPhones instead of glass slippers, but, well, it's got Lucy and super hot Freddie as the two leading roles...

Our sister site caught up with the cast on the North Carolina set, and dished on everything from haunting filming experiences to Freddie's most Prince Charming-like qualities. Oh, and Lucy also told us that Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video? Totally Lucy's idea. But we think you might need to put that one into context...

Watch the exclusive vid now!

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Tue May 31, 2011
A Piece of Hollywood Could Be Yours (It's Autographed by Glee Stars!)

Could your dull bedroom or dorm use something awesome to spice it up? How about a piece of Hollywood...signed by some of your favorite Hollywood stars?

Op is giving away the Hollywood sign that was used in their Destination Op photo shoot! But it's not just any old sign — it was autographed (and touched!) by Glee stars Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling, along with Rob Kardashian, Brenda Song, Aly Michalka, and Kat Graham! That is one seriously cool decoration!

Head over to Op's Facebook page and enter now for your chance to win it!

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Mon May 23, 2011
See X-Men: First Class Before Everyone Else!

Our friends at are giving hundreds of people FREE TICKETS to screenings of X-Men: First Class in New York City and Los Angeles the day before it opens on June 3! Uh yeah, can you say amazing?

What exactly are you waiting for then? Click on for all the details!

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Tue May 17, 2011
Behind The Scenes With the Cast of Blue Crush 2

The Blue Crush 2 girls Sasha Jackson, Elizabeth Mathis and Rosy Hodges dish cast superlatives, the hot guys of South Africa, and why they were always trying to steal each others' on-set wardrobes!

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