Wed Sep 29, 2010
FM Takes Texas -- Plus, An Exclusive Look at Their New Video!
Hey, y'all!

After hitting up the West coast on our tour last week, now we're going to Texas. Driving though Texas takes a while and we have to get there with no stops so we can make it to our radio interviews in time. This means there's no time to stop for food, so we loaded up with peanut butter, jelly and bread. It's peanutbutterjellytime.

The bus has satellite internet and TV, so time flies and luckily we're able to stream our CherryBomb party mix and blog anytime. Usually when we're driving on the tour bus, we'll geek out on our laptops the whole time. Then we'll look up and be in the next city without even realizing it.

Our first stop in Texas was Houston where we found out that our song "Like a G6" has been #1 on the radio. We appreciate H-town reppin' the Far East Movement like that, so thanks! After on-air radio interviews and a private performance for some contest winners, we hit up the House Of Blues for the show. The crowd was bananas. After the show, we had another performance and after party with our boys D-Trix from America's Best Dance Crew's Quest Crew and So You Think You Can Dance and Kev Jumba who's on this season of Amazing Race. Thanks, H-Town for the great time.

After a few hour bus ride to Dallas, we saw a rough cut to our new music video for a song off our new album coming October 12th. It's called "Rocketeer." It's featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, is produced by the Stereotypes, and co-written by Bruno Mars. The video was directed by the incredible Mark Klasfeld. We snapped a sneak preview from the vid just for ya'll... it was shot near where we live in Downtown LA. We can't wait for all the fans to see it.

Texas does it big and Dallas represented hard at the House Of Blues... we can't wait to come back. Now, it's off to Florida... 3 fingers up.

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