Fri Sep 17, 2010
Hey, Alloy fam!

It's Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif and DJ Virman from the Far East Movement reppin' Downtown Los Angeles. Our song "Like A G6" has just started hitting radio around the country so we'll be hitting the road this week with Mike Posner for a 30 city tour called the "Up In The Air Tour."

We're packing extra shades and kicks, a grip of new music downloaded, and our satellite internet card to stay free wired on our tour bus. Before the tour started we hit our first ever MTV VMA's, 3 blocks down from where we live. We've always been watching it on TV since we were knee high, so it was a tripped out moment to be there in person. We made sure to sneak our camera on so that you guys could get an insider's view from the Nokia theatre.

As hardcore music fans, it was crazy to see all the artists and random people we always see on TV all in one spot. We caught a bunch of people we've worked with on the white carpet, from Lady Gaga, Robyn and Pharrell from N.E.R.D who we toured with, to Pitbull, the New Boyz, Lil' Jon, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom and a bunch of others.

Our new album called "FREE WIRED" that we've been working our whole lives for is finally coming out October 12th, so we had a chance to hit the white carpet interviews with MTV, VH1, Perez Hilton and a bunch of other press to talk about the album. Every second we're not on tour we were in the studio with our homies and producers named the Stereotypes who we worked with to put this album together.

We had to leave the VMA's early to go to Sound Check at the Thom Thom club for the Interscope VMA afterparty, where we were did a surprise performance with, DJ Eye and Lil Jon.

Of course the music at the party was amazing, but it also had the most amazing food. When a spot has food we crave and it blows us away, we give it the ultimate rating of 3 fingers up, looking like an "A-OK" sign, on our food blog, "Eating FM". We hadn't eaten anything all day 'cause of the craziness of the VMA's, so this food got a double 3 fingers up. They had mini chicken and waffles with a syrup dipping sauce, mini bacon burger sliders, mini sausage pizzas, onion ring baskets and a bunch of other stuff we were too full to try by the time it came out. We had to perform in a few hours anyway, so it was good that we kept it light.

We finally performed around 12:30am. Colette Car and Lil Jon rocked with us on the last song and Mary J Blige, Swizz Beats, Dan Black and the Black Eyed Peas, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom and DJ Eye hung out with us too. The whole night was a free wired moment we won't forget.

The next day we woke up late and sped over to a shoot with Best Buy in Hollywood, then right over to the House Of Blues to kick off the FM x Mike Posner Tour. We'll have more pics and stories from the tour and will keep you posted, but in the meantime check out us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Peace out,
Far East Movement

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