Thu Apr 15, 2010
Bus-y Life
Hey All!

It's Ashlyne again! Wow, these last weeks have been a whole lot of crazy and amazing! Living on the bus has been a different experience -- put that with the fact that there are TWELVE of us on it and it's a whole different thing!

We went from Florida to Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, and now Michigan! I have met so many wonderful fans in each state that have made each night I perform more special than the last.

I don't want to be a downer, but I must tell you the bad side of the last couple weeks so that you'll understand why I spent my days off the way I did. I came down with acute bronchitis!! Can you believe it!? So in the long drives on the bus I pulled out The Last Song because I am determined to finish it before I go see it in the theater! So, I read that a lot and I'm getting close! And I wrote volumes in my journal, and watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman, The Devil Wears Prada, and Hitch! (Lucky for me, Ely, my dancer and back-up singer, has a lot of chick flicks!) The funny thing is that I would do all of these things without being sick or on vocal rest. :)

Post getting healthy, I am feeling GREAT. The shows are getting easier on my voice, which makes the shows what they should be: FUN! We played at Club Nokia in LA, and it was a dream come true! The crowd was huge and loud and WONDERFUL. And the Jonas Brothers stopped by to watch the show -- no big deal. :)

It's getting closer to my album release date and it's soooo weird. April 27th is coming a lot sooner than I expected! It's only a couple weeks until people will be able to have my songs in their hands! I get asked in interviews what I'm most excited about for the release and that's really all I want. I want people to hear it and of course, I would love if they liked it!

If you haven't seen the video for my single "Heart of Gold" (which is NOW getting airplay on radio), click here!

'Til next time,

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