Thu Apr 29, 2010
Sold Out Sensation
Ashlyne Huff
I'm back!

Ashlyne here checking in! My week was crazy as usual. If you've been reading posts from the past, you've gathered that life on the road is a day to day adventure. For instance, one day you could be having a day off in NYC exploring the city, the next you could be crossing into Canada and having to wake up in the middle of the night to show the border patrol your passports. I don't remember much of that though, hard sleeper!

Another day you could be in the MTV studios filming a wacky show called Silent Library with your tourmates! I made it through and I have a T-shirt to prove it! Because the episode hasn't aired yet, I can't tell you what they made me do, but I'll just say it was NASTY!

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Fri Apr 23, 2010
Good and Bad News
Ashlyne Huff
Hey Alloy!

WHAT A WEEK. Where do I start? I guess I could start with the big news! Some of it's great and some...less than great, but not bad!! I'll get the less than great news over with -- my label called me earlier this week telling me that we are going to push my album release back 2 weeks. It WAS April 27 but will now be MAY 11th! The reason is simple: I am on this tour with Honor Society and Just Kait and in order to release my album while still on the tour, I would have to miss a couple shows... And I don't want to miss any of them!!

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Thu Apr 15, 2010
Bus-y Life
Ashlyne Huff
Hey All!

It's Ashlyne again! Wow, these last weeks have been a whole lot of crazy and amazing! Living on the bus has been a different experience -- put that with the fact that there are TWELVE of us on it and it's a whole different thing!

We went from Florida to Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri, and now Michigan! I have met so many wonderful fans in each state that have made each night I perform...

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Fri Apr 9, 2010
Welcome to My Life!
Ashlyne Huff
Hello there, Alloy!

I am Ashlyne Huff! I'm a pop singer from Nashville, Tennessee (no, not a country singer!! :) ) I am out on the road right now with the coolest band ever, Honor Society and MTV artist Just Kait on the Here Comes Trouble Tour, and we are going all around the US and Canada! So far it has been a dream come true. I watch the guys perform every night and my goodness, they are so fun to watch! I'm sure I'll get some funny stories as I get to know them even better -- but let's just say they are hilarious and have no problem making fun of me! :)

To tell you a little about me, I write all my songs, I'm a dancer, and I come from a very musical family. I grew up basically living in the recording studio with my dad...

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