Thu Jun 10, 2010
Alexis Takes Atlanta!
Meat 95.5 The Beat!
Me in my brand new top!
Hi to all my fans!

Yesterday I went to my first radio station in Atlanta -- 95.5 The Beat. I had a crazy interview. I was asked questions that I would have loved to answer but couldn't yet -- I'm waiting on the OK from my team before I make some things public. But I did get to meet some great people.

My mom and I went shopping in Atlanta, trying to find a shirt at the last minute for my performance. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, but the pressure was on. We finally found a cute top by BCBG! It made my day.

Sound check was... interesting. I remember freezing while my lips shivered with the mic in my hands. But it went great and I had to head out quickly to get ready for the performance.

My sister helped me with my hair and makeup. We kept it fresh with a bold red lip. My outfit was bumping and I was ready to perform.

When we got to the venue I was hungry, so I had dinner first and met up with some of my Roc fam and Columbia fam. After I finished dinner, I had only five minutes before I went on stage! I went on the elevator to the rooftop and wasn't even nervous. I was just ready for everyone to hear "Happiness"!

The lights were flashing as soon as I reached the stage. When I began to sing, people were bobbing their heads and dancing! Then, as soon as I stepped off the stage, people rushed to me to take pictures. Unfortunately, I had to leave as soon as I finished for an early flight to NY.

It's been great blogging for Alloy! I hope you guys enjoyed a little peek into some of my days.

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Luv ya!

Alexis <3

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