16 Reasons Why Blake Shelton is All Wrong for Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani has been cool-girl inspiration for decades. She was a '90s ska chick who, alongside her No Doubt bandmates, dominated radio with their crossover hit, “Don't Speak.” Gwen's charisma, style and unique voice immediately made her a star and put her on inspiration boards everywhere. Her cool factor only got bigger, with the band's Grammy-winning album, Rock Steady, her multiple fashion lines and solo pursuit, which gave us the greatest gift of the new millennium: “Hollaback Girl.”

There was a hot second where things were quiet on the Gwen front. No Doubt released an OK album in 2012, went on tour and then things quieted back down until Gwen announced her separation from Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. What we thought was the perfect rock couple was no more.

Enter: Blake Shelton. The two met on The Voice and immediately, Blake and Gwen flirtation rumors began, as the two were going through their divorces from Gavin and Miranda Lambert at the same time. Then, they announced their coupling and everything has just seemed to go downhill from there. Read on to see what we mean…