Blake Lively Has Awkward Sex! Celebrities! They Really Are Just Like Us!

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That entire title's an enormous lie. Celebrities are nothing like us. For example, I'm referring to the fact that Taylor Kitsch claimed that filming sex scenes with his Savages co-star Blake Lively was incredibly awkward. Unless you're a celebrity, you'll probably never hear Taylor Kitsch critique your movie sex scene critique.

So sorry Us Weekly, just because they also go grocery shopping and read books, they're not just like us. Box office bomber Taylor Kitsch told People magazine that his sex scenes were  “very awkward to do, you know, and I was just glad it was over with, to be honest.”

Wow. Burn Blake Lively. I honestly bought into all the Blake Lively hype building up over the past few years and assumed that any guy would gladly murder his entire family to have sex with her. Even faux-sex. But apparently not.

Then again Taylor Kitsch's gorgeous and he could have his pick of any of the Gossip Girls. And knowing his tendency to pick horrible projects, he'd probably pursue Taylor Momsen and her eyeliner set. They're a two-in-one package you know. No one just has sex with Taylor Momsen. It's always Taylor and her eyeliner set. Or so I heard. Somewhere.

Anyways, now I'm totally pumped to see this movie and their horribly awkward sex. It's just something nice to look forward to this summer.

(Photo: AskMen)