Blake Lively Spent Valentine’s Day Getting A Restraining Order Against Her Stalker

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Blake Lively GodivaYou would assume that celebrities spend Valentine's Day being pampered with diamonds, gourmet meals, and expensive trips. But instead of spending the day with new boyfriend Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively had to deal with a not-so-secret admirer instead: Sergei Mifle, who's been harassing both the Gossip Girl star and her mother.

Mifle started out contacting Blake's mom Elain Lively, trying to get to her famous daughter. According to court documents, he'd say things like “I really would like to not wait anymore for a phone call” and that he needed to talk to Blake “before it's too late.” No other words can strike such fear into the hearts of pretty actresses faced with overzealous fans.

But things got worse when Mifle dropped by the Gossip Girl set in New York on February 1 and informed security that he was there to “guide” Blake due to their “spiritual and metaphysical” connection. Blake was understandably terrified and filed a restraining order yesterday, which prevents Mifle from coming within 100 yards of her and her mother.

However, the order is in place only until Blake's official court date in a few weeks, on March 2. It must be terrifying to know that someone is that obsessed with you; we hope Blake can sort things out and that Mifle can get the help he needs so as not to harass her in the future.