I Feel Bad For The Guy Stalking Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

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Apparently a photographer followed Blake Lively and her faux-husband Ryan Reynolds so closely this weekend that they called the police to report him.  And this isn't the first time that felt watched in their new home in Bedford, New York.

In fact, New York Daily News reports that anonymous sources say that Rake (Ryan + Blake = Rake) is  just fed up with all these privacy intrusions.  They totally thought getting out of the city would stop all the paparazzi flashbulb attacks. But they obviously thought wrong because one lone photographer totally got assigned by his boss to stalk them.

Poor lone photographer.

While everyone else gets to lurk outside Katie Holmes‘ new apartment in Chelsea or follow Hugh Jackman's kids to school, this guy gets stuck on the Bedford assignment. And it's not like Rake does anything exciting that's worth photographing. Like selling bath salts to school children and shooting sex tapes in their front yard.

Nope they're just living the suburban life. Right out of a canceled CBS sitcom.

“They keep to themselves,” says the same source, adding that the 35-year-old abs-fabulous actor and his girlfriend aren’t shy about being seen in town. They frequent the Bedford Hardware store for home improvement goods and go to restaurants in the area, but “aren’t very talkative to the locals.”

Hardware stores? Restaurants? They might as well be my parents. Bo-ring.

So remember before you start letting Rake play the victim card, think of the poor lone photographer who's forced to drive around Bedford all day waiting for Rake to buy a plunger or pick up dinner at the grocery store.