Turns Out The Sisterhood Aren’t Blake Lively’s Daughter’s Godmothers, So There’s Hope For The Pants Yet

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Turns Out The Sisterhood Aren t Blake Lively s Daughter s Godmothers  So There s Hope For The Pants Yet blake gif

Remember that time Amber Tamblyn told Nick Lachey the she, America Ferrera, and Alexis Bledel were Blake Lively‘s daughter’s godmothers? It was, like, three days ago, so unless you’re Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, I certainly hope you do. Welp, as it turns out, that’s just a big fat lie. Careful Amber, your Tibby is showing.

At the press screening for Blake’s upcoming movie, The Age Of Adaline, she told E! News,

“I never named [Amber, America, and Alexis] my godmothers. They’re my dear friends. I would say my baby has a lot of fairy godmothers.”

Sooooooo, that’s awkward for Amber Tamblyn. I mean, you think you’d know whether or not you were an important maternal figurehead in an infant’s life—like, I don’t just walk around saying, “Oh, yes, North West is my goddaughter, thank you for asking. Kim Kardashian never officially told me that I was, but, like, I think we all know that she meant to.” Amber is clearly a bit confused as to how this whole being-named-godmother-of-a-child thing works. Maybe she just wanted to throw Nick Lachey a bone and give him a fake scoop so he could have another 15 minutes of fame? It’s probably tough for him every since he became irrelevant in, like, 2005.

Oh, and btw, Blake didn’t stop there. She actually took it upon herself to pretty much clear the air and reveal who baby James‘s real godmother is:

“My sister [Robyn Lively] would be the one to take care of my baby [if something were to happen].”

See, now that makes sense. Not for nothing, but I’m a huuuuge proponent of keeping things like this in the family. Godmothers, maids of honor, best men—if there’s a huge role to be had and there’s a sibling or close family member in your life, you should always go to them first. The Sisterhood were only connected by a flimsy pair of what were probably pajama jeans anyway, and we all know that blood is thicker than denim.

But, as weird and confusing as it is that Amber Tamblyn felt the need to lie about being Blake’s baby’s godmother, there’s still a silver lining to all of this: There’s still a chance for the pants to be included! After all this time, vengeance could be theirs. Cross your fingers and pants legs, everyone!

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