Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Prove They Really Like Spending Time Alone Together By Moving To The Suburbs

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Blake Lively
and Ryan Reynolds obviously missed last week's episode of Mad Men (and it's portrayal of the soul-sucking suburbs) because the couple is house hunting in Connecticut and New York's quiet suburbia.

Blake and Ryan have apparently scoped out Greenwich and New Canaan, Connecticut as well as New York's Westchester County, all great places to buy a giant house only a short bike ride away from the nearest organic farmers' market. Life in the ‘burbs should also give them plenty of hedges to duck behind to avoid the paparazzi.

A Daily News source is guessing Blake will want to end up in a peaceful Connecticut town, not to escape the city but to enjoy the shopping, pointing out Blake likes to browse the ritzy shops that can be found in Connecticut's wealthier towns.

Buying a house together is a big step for a couple that's only been together for about six months, but the pair would look pretty cute in front of their own white picket fence. After they get the keys they'll be just be one baby and one pure-bred puppy away from the picture of suburban bliss.

Photo: (Us Magazine)